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This page explains how to enter the applicant organisation details for your organisation in the application form.

Take note

Please note that questions or fields may vary depending on the key action of your application.

In the example used below, the applicant organisation is added. If you are applying on behalf of a mobility consortium, please also see Web Forms Mobility Consortium.

All participating organisations have to be registered in the Organisation Registration system and have received an Organisation ID before completing the Web Form. The Organisation ID will be used to complete the organisation details in the application form. Organisation details cannot be updated in the application form, only in the Organisation Registration system. Check the Organisation Registration Guide for more details.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click "Participating Organisations" in the side menu.

Click on the Participating Organisations link in the side menu. The Participating Organisations screen opens. In this example, the Applicant Organisation and Partner Organisations can be added.


Enter the "Organisation ID".

Enter the Organisation ID of the applicant organisation. The organisation details linked to this ID are automatically inserted into the application form.

  1. The Organisation ID field indicates a green stripe. This means that the provided Organisation ID is recognised. The red warning sign before the Organisation ID field however indicates that additional organisation details are required.
  2. The organisation details linked to this Organisation ID are entered into the application form. On this screen, the Legal name and Country are displayed.
  3. To view the full details of the organisation and provide the additional mandatory organisation details, click on the menu button and select Organisation Details.


Update Organisation Details. 

The Applicant Organisation Details screen opens.

The tabs along the top can be clicked to navigate to the different sections of the current screen. Alternatively, scroll down to reveal more of the screen. Tabs indicated with a green check mark are completed. Tabs displaying a red warning sign indicate missing information. 

The applicant organisation details are automatically completed with the organisation details as provided in the Organisation Registration system. Those cannot be edited in the form, but additional non-mandatory information can be added in this section (for example: Department or Email). 


Update the Profile (if applicable).

The first information to update is the Profile.

Select the Type of Organisation from the drop-down menu. If you have already applied for Erasmus+ in the past, the field Type of Organisation will be pre-filled. Please check if the value displayed is correct. If it is not correct, please choose the correct option from the drop-down menu.


Add the "Associated Persons". 

The next section to complete in the applicant organisation details is Associated Persons. Visit Web Forms Add associated persons to organisations to see how to add those to the application form. 


Update Additional fields and tabs.

Additional information is required in the section Background and Experience. Provide the required information in the available free text field fields.

In this example, additional fields display because Yes was selected under the question on previous participation in a project. In such a situation, you have to provide the additionally required information to complete the section.


Complete the applicant organisation information

Once all details for the organisation are updated in the form, navigate back to the Participating Organisations main screen.

The Applicant Organisation information is now marked with a green check, meaning all mandatory information was entered.

If the applicant organisation is the only organisation required in the form and all details are completed, Participating Organisations is marked with a green check in the side menu.