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Contacts and Authorised Users in the Organisation Registration system

Upon registration of the organisation in the Organisation Registration system, the Organisation Contact Person and the first Authorised User have to be registered. Additional authorised users can be added immediately after the organisation is registered. 

The Organisation Contact Person is intended to be to the person in the organisation to be contacted by someone interested in the organisation. The details of the contact person are however currently not visible to unauthorised users in the Organisation Registration system or on the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform. If the organisation contact person is not also set up as an authorised user in the system, the organisation contact person has no edit rights to update organisation information. 

The Authorised User role is applied to users added by the person registering and/or updating the organisation information in the Organisation Registration system. An authorised user is not necessarily the organisation's contact person. The person registering the organisation is automatically considered an authorised user. 
Authorised users can edit the organisation information in the system and assign or revoke the authorised user role to/from other users as well as update the organisation contact person information.


The Authorised Users need to have an EU Login account before they can be added to the organisation details upon organisation registration.

Transfer of contacts and users to the Organisation Registration system

If your organisation information was automatically transferred to the Organisation Registration system, and you were either indicated as a contact person, Legal Entity Representative (LEAR) or a self registrant in the Participant Portal or the SEDIA Funding and Tenders portal for your organisation, your will already have the right to view and edit your organisation information in the new Organisation Registration system. 

The user roles upon transfer of organisation details from the Participant Portal are applied as follows: 

  1. For organisations where the contact person and self-registrant are different: The 1st self-registrant is copied as the Organisation Contact person and an Authorised user. e
  2. For organisations where no LEAR was assigned: The self-registrant is copied as the Organisation Contact Person and as an Authorised User.
  3. For organisations with a LEAR: The LEAR is copied as the Organisation Contact Person and as an Authorised User. 

If your organisation information was automatically transferred to the new Organisation Registration system, and your account transferred as authorised user, you will be able to access your organisation information including the details of the organisation contact person and all authorised users easily via the list of My Organisations. See My organisations for additional information. 

If your were added as a self registrant, Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) or as an Account Administrator in the Participant Portal or the SEDIA Funding and Tenders portal after the organisation transfer date, the updated information will not be transferred and therefore you will not see the organisation listed under My Organisations.

If you were added as a Legal Entity Appointed Representative of a centrally validated PIC before the 22nd. October 2019 and the newly updated details have not yet been re-validated, your details will not have been transferred to the Organisation Registration system.

The Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) details can be updated in both cases.

To be added as an authorised user, please request that one of the other authorised users adds you to the organisation details in the Organisation Registration system. 

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