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The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 


When you register an organisation or you modify its details, you have the option to provide a Participant Identification Code (PIC). If the PIC you provide is already associated to an existing Organisation ID a warning message is displayed and the organisation details cannot be saved.

The warning message states: "The entered PIC is already in use by another organisation. If you already are an Authorised User of that organisation you can click here and access its information. If you are not yet an Authorised User please contact the concerned organisation directly." Clicking on "here" will lead you to the Organisation Data screen of the associated organisation.

First check that you have entered the correct PIC. If the PIC is correct but you do not have access to the organisation details please contact those persons in your organisation who do have access. If the contact person is unknown or has left the organisation please contact your local National Agency. 

1. PIC already entered 

Enter the 9 digit PIC. If the PIC is already associated to an organisation then the below message is displayed and it will not be possible to save the organisation details.

When entering the PIC, the character counter updates. Once the PIC is filled in completely, the counter turns red and displays 0. That means no more characters can be added. 

2. PIC not associated to OID

After entering a PIC that has not been registered in the Organisation Registration system and provided all other mandatory information is entered, the changes can be saved.