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This page explains the basic functionalities of the Organisation Registration system.

The Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform

The Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform is your starting point to:

  1. Register your organisation for participation in Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps decentralised actions via the Organisations menu.
  2. Access the application forms to apply for grants and or accreditation via the Opportunities buttons for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.

The page is accessible even if you do not yet have an EU Login. 

The landing page has the following features:

  1. Home button - It is available from most screens and can be used to return to the landing page. 
  2. Opportunities Menu -  Access the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Web application forms . Alternatively use the Quick access buttons. 
  3. Organisations Menu - Access to register an organisation, view a list of your organisations and the advanced search.
  4. Name of logged in user, including logout button.
    Note: The user name only displays if you are already logged on to any Commission system with your EU login. If you are not yet logged in, a login button displays instead. 
  5. Search option, including button to expand and display the advanced search options.
  6. Register My Organisation button.
  7. Quick access:
    1. My Organisations button - will open list of your organisations. 
    2. Erasmus+ Opportunities button - will open the Erasmus+ Web application forms.
    3. European Solidarity Corps Opportunities button - will open the European Solidarity Corps Web application forms.

Screen layout and basics of the Organisation Registration system.

When you access the organisation menu from the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform, the Organisation Registration system opens.

The following elements are displayed on the screen:

  1. Menu buttonHome button and Status of the registration:

    1. Menu button - collapses or opens the side menu.  

    2. Home button - opens the Welcome to the Organisation Registration system screen. 

    3. Status - during registration the status is displayed as Draft. After successful submission of the form the status is updated to Registered. 

  2. The side menu allows you to navigate to the various sections in the registration form. You must however complete a section before proceeding to the next. 
    The icons in front of the menu items indicate completion of the sections: 

    1. Red: Section incomplete. You cannot proceed to the next section until it is completed.

    2. Green: Section complete. You can proceed to the next section. 

  3. The Main screen.

  4. Register my organisation button. Only active once all sections are completed. 

Mandatory sections and fields in the form.

Fields that are mandatory for the completion of the registration form are marked with a red asterisk* ).  

The available tool tips, indicated with the icon (info), provide additional instructions and assistance for filling in each field. Hover over a specific tool tip to display the information.

Free text fields also display a character counter that indicates how many characters can still be used.

If an entry into a specific mandatory field violates the rules or all previously entered information is removed from a field it is framed in red and a warning displays. You have to fix such errors before you can continue. 

Navigation through form sections.

Use the side menu to navigate to the various sections in the registration form. Only after one section is completed (indicated by a green icon) can you proceed to the next.
If you try to navigate to the next section without having completed the previous one, a warning message displays. 

The side menu is also collapsible, but the Register my organisation button is not visible if this setting is used. 

List functionalities. 

Lists, such as displayed under OID My Organisations or the Search results, have the following functionalities:

  1. The number of records available is displayed at the top of the list. 
  2. You can sort the list by the various columns, in ascending or descending order, by clicking the up/down arrow in a specific column.
  3. A search box is available at the top right of the results list to further search into the listed records. 
  4. Use the arrows at the bottom to scroll through the list to view more records, if available.