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What is Mobility Tool+?

Mobility Tool+ is the system that allows Erasmus+ & European Solidarity Corps beneficiary organisations to access and manage their project information, such as encoding activities and participants, request individual participants' reports and submit final reports to their National Agencies.

National Agencies also use Mobility Tool+ to monitor and validate information entered by beneficiary organisations at any time from anywhere.

Mobility Tool+ is designed, developed and maintained by the European Commission and being used by beneficiary organisations and National Agencies involved in decentralised projects.

What are the different roles involved?

The management of the project and its contents is the responsibility of the Beneficiary Organisation users. Contacts defined in the electronic application form as contact persons and legal representatives for the applicant/beneficiary organisation will automatically have access to their corresponding projects in Mobility Tool+. This happens when the project's data is submitted from the NA's Project Management System. National Agency users can also have access to the Mobility Tool+ for monitoring and validation purposes.

Project Outlines

Key stages of the project development and management process vary between Erasmus+ Key Actions and European Solidarity Corps.

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How to do this in MT+?