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This is a call for nomination of submitting organisations for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation. The terms of reference for the submitting organisations have been endorsed by the MIG in its meeting on 30/11-1/12 and are published at

There should be one submitting organisation per country, typically an organisation representing the country in the MIG-T or another organisation involved in the coordination of the INSPIRE implementation in that country, in addition to the JRC, EEA and DG ENV. The submitting organisations submit proposals for changes to the register manager, who will process them and forward them to the control body for decision.

The tasks of the national submitting organisations shall be to
- collect, consolidate and submit proposals for changes to the content of the central INSPIRE registers and proposals for inclusion of additional registers in the INSPIRE register federation to the register manager;
- ensure that proposals are well drafted and complete;
- ensure that proposals have been agreed and consolidated at national level; and
- provide clarifications about proposals to the register manager or register owner, if necessary.

Nominations by MIG representatives should be posted as comments to this issue, specifying the following information:

Submitting Organisation:
Contact person(s):
Contact e-mail(s):

The call is open ended.

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