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The main objective of this activity is to look for possible simplification of the way the INSPIRE resources are currently linked (MD of data sets x MD of services) due to:

  • The level of data-service linking is insufficient; many organisations in the MS are not able to provide implementations in line with the current TGs
  • The current approach for data-service linking in the TGs (metadata and network services) is widely acknowledged as complicated and there are different interpretations of the requirements, even by implementation/standards experts
  • This has negative impacts on the accessibility of INSPIRE data sets and future monitoring and reporting (based on metadata) and hence as the overall impression of the usability of the INSPIRE infrastructure
  • The fact that the current approach for service metadata requires extensions to base standards is posing an obstacle to the implementation of INSPIRE requirements (because they are not widely implemented in off-the-shelf software)
  • There is a clear overlap / duplication of data set and service metadata, which in some cases leads to inconsistencies. 

Here is the Discussion paper presented to MIG-T (October 2018) and MIG (November 2018) that is the base for the testing: Discussion Paper on data-service linking v0.5.docx 

Road map

  • Provision of MS examples by the end of May 2019
  • Kick-off meeting June 14.6. 2019 (TBC)
  • Report to MIG (20.6. 2019)

MS Examples + planning

The Netherlands: Test EU geoportal v1.0.docx

Sweden: Simplification_Test_Sweden.docx

Italy: Simplification_Test_Italy.docx

France: + example 2 -

Czech Republic: DataServiceLinking_CZ.docx

Poland: Simplification_Test_Poland.docx

Greece: EL-Linkage Simplification - Notes.docx 

14-06-2019 Kick-off meeting

MS MD examples/links to agreed MD encodings:


Our discovery service is available in test environment and contains the two examples already available a few months ago, but updated with the protocol URIs  and the other codes agreed coming from the INSPIRE registers, i.e.:

  1. First example:
  1. Second example:

Unfortunately, that test environment will be available for a very limited time as we’ll need to use it to test some new features of the national catalogue in the next days from 16 December and, consequently, it could be not available in those days.  Consequently, you are kindly requested to harvest the metadata records as soon as possible (i.e. today :)).

Probably, we'll be able to make the discovery service available again after 19 December.


I send you a dataset metadata file with the "Protocol" code list into the INSPIRE MD code lists register. I hope it is right


Data set metadata: spaignLLM.xml


The Netherlands:

In the attachment you can find some test metadata and a description of what we have provided. We can set up a discovery service with this metadata, when the tests are  performed. (it is a temporal one emptied every Sunday).

Those metadata records link to services containing the minimal metadata as also proposed.

In the “official” discovery service several metadata records contain already the proposed protocol and application schema elements with a value of the proposed code lists. Those datasets can be linked to the services both, by the official and the proposed way.


The Greek test metadata file is

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