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This is a call for participation in a new MIG temporary sub-group including MIG representatives and experts from the pool of experts to support action 2017.2 on Alternative Encodings.

The action will define alternative encoding rules (mainly for the purpose of viewing/analysis in mainstream GIS systems) for a number of selected application schemas and a template and procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encoding rules in the future. Detailed information on the action (background, action mandate) is available on the action page on the MIG collaboration platform.

Proposals for alternative encodings rules were collected through an open call on the MIG collaboration platform and prioritised by MS in a survey. The results of a survey clearly show support for GeoJSON as a possible alternative encoding. In addition, also simplified GML, database formats (geopackage, PostGIS, ESRI Geodatabase) and linked data had significant support. Further proposals included also GeoSciML as an alternative encoding for GE and MR.

In the 48th MIG-T meeting, it was agreed to focus activities in the sub-group on the following tasks, in order to achieve concrete results within the remaining mandate of the action (until the end of 2018):

- developing an encoding rule for GeoJSON (as a first example)
- developing generic rules / approaches for flattening the INSPIRE data models (which will be useful for a number of alternative encodings)
- developing the overall procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encodings

The sub-group will be open to observers, who may want to develop alternative encoding rules in parallel to the core activities of the action. Such parallel activities would however not be part of the "official" action deliverables.

Nominations by MIG representatives and applications from the pool of experts should be posted as comments to this issue, specifying the following information:

Expertise: [list the experise and experience that qualifies the expert for participation in this sub-group]
Contributions: [describe how the expert will contribute to the the tasks of the sub-group]

Experts who would like to support the work of this sub-group can also apply by e-mail to Michael Lutz (michael.lutz@ec.europa.eu) with the above information and/or contact their national MIG representatives.

The initial deadline for nominations and applications is 2018-06-15.

Contributors (1)


  1. The Netherlands likes to nominate

    Name: Paul Janssen
    E-mail: p.janssen@geonovum.nl
    Affiliation: Geonovum
    Expertise: Paul Janssen is working as geo-standardisation expert at Geonovum, the national committee for improving a spatial enabled government in the Netherlands. Geonovum also acts as national coordinator for the INSPIRE program. Paul has an extensive record in semantic standardisation and related information standards at national and international level. Important contributions were realised to the standards base with regard to the Dutch geo-information infrastructure. Activities include semantic modelling and addressing of cross domain harmonisation issues and semantic registries. He is member of the Dutch National Geo-Standardisation Board and the European CEN / TC 287 and active member of ISO / TC 211.
    Contributions: Specific relevant for the sub-group on Alternative Encodings is his operational experience with conceptual application schema, related metamodeling definitions and its relation with encoding requirements. He contributed to the INSPIRE Data Specification Extension Wiki (http://inspire-extensions.wetransform.to/ ). He currently is involved with ongoing research relating UML application schema to RDF and JSON implementation and vice versa.

    Best regards,


  2. Application from the pool experts:

    • Name: Scott Wilson
    • E-mail: scott.wilson@eurocontrol.int
    • Affiliation: Eurocontrol
    • Expertise: XML Schema development, UML modelling experience, one of the developers of the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM), contribution to the INSPIRE Transport - Air Model.
    • Contributions: Observer status. I am particularly interested in seeing how these developments can be adopted in schemas within the aviation domain.
  3. From France : 

    • Name: Marie Lambois
    • E-mail: marie.lambois@ign.fr
    • Affiliation: IGN France
    • Expertise: INSPIRE data transformation, XML Schema, UML modelling
    • Contributions: specially interested in developing the overall procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encodings

    Best regards,

  4. Nomination from Austria:

    • Name: Karin Wannemacher
    • E-mail: karin.wannemacher@umweltbundesamt.at
    • Affiliation: Environment Agency Austria
    • Expertise: Data transformation, GI, Web development with spatial data and (Geo)JSON
    • Contributions: supporting the development for GeoJSON and possibly other encodings like geopackage.
  5. I would like to participate in the 2017.2 sub-group on Alternative Encodings.

    • Name: Jouni Vuollo
    • E-mail: jouni.vuollo@gtk.fi
    • Affiliation: Head of Unit at GTK and IUGS/CGI Interoperability Working Group - EarthResourceML (Chair) - http://www.cgi-iugs.org/tech_collaboration/earthResourceML.html and http://www.earthresourceml.org/
    • Expertise: Have been a member of INSPIRE Data specification group 2011-2014 – geology and mineral resources – main task was mineral resources DS work – Chair of Global ERML from 2013
    • Contributions: Global of ERML/INSPIRE Mineral Resource models are identical and now CGI/ERML have generated flat/simplified version of full model – ERML Lite 2.0 version and AUSGIN/Onegeology services are starting to implement ERML Lite version services – mining sector is global business and I will be ready to “push” it to  INSPIRE flat view?


  6. I would like to apply to join the sub-group (https://ies-svn.jrc.ec.europa.eu/issues/3266). My information: 

    • Name: Clemens Portele
    • E-mail: portele@interactive-instruments.de
    • Affiliation: interactive instruments GmbH
    • Expertise: JSON/JSON Schema/GeoJSON/ArcGIS JSON; XML/XML Schema/GML; SQL DDL/Esri Geodatabases; RDF/OWL/JSON-LD; rules for converting UML to XML Schema/JSON Schema/SQL DDL/ArcGIS Workspaces/OWL and their implementation in ShapeChange; rules for transforming schemas (flattening, profiling, etc.) with a focus on usability and their implementation in ShapeChange; Conversion of INSPIRE GML to Esri Geodatabases for use in the ArcGIS Platform; Conversion of GML to HTML / ArcGIS JSON / GeoJSON; Editor of D2.7 "Guidelines for the encoding of spatial data"; Documentation of encoding rules
    • Contributions: Time-permitting, I will review draft material and provide information about relevant work on the topic I was involved in over the last years

    Let me know, if you have any questions or comments.


  7. Nomination from Finland:

    • Name: Ilkka Rinne
    • E-mail: ilkka.rinne@spatineo.com
    • Affiliation: Spatineo Oy by contract to the Finnish Meteorologial Institute (FMI)
    • Expertise: Finnish representative to INSPIRE TWG AC-MF in 2010-12, author of OGC O&M Simple Features profile proposal (https://github.com/opengeospatial/omsf-profile) (including both GML Simple Features and JSON encodings), long GML Application Schema development and data modelling experience and practical experience in both O&M and coverage based environmental observation / prediction dataset encodings in INSPIRE and other contexts, familiar with INSPIRE expert group work.
    • Contributions: Will actively participate in sub-group meetings and other discussion, can provide practical suggestions for the simplification of the GML Application Schemas and real-world experience in using several of the current INSPIRE GML encodings. Able to coordinate between the sub-group efforts and those of under way in the OGC, such as the O&M Simple Features (GML/GeoJSON) profile.
  8. Nomination from Denmark:

  9. We would like to participate in the 2017.2 sub-group on Alternative Encodings as observers.

    • Name: Nathalie Delattre
    • E-mail:Nathalie.delattre@ngi.be
    • Affiliation: National Geographic Institute of Belgium
    • Expertise: Data modelling, INSPIRE data specifications, some knowledge  on issues with using the  INSPIRE data related to specifications complexities.
    • Contributions:  Observer Status. Interest in the development of generic rules/approaches for flattening the INSPIRE data models and on developing the overall procedure for proposing and endorsing additional encodings.
    • Name: Gaël Kruwialis
    • E-mail: gael.kruwialis@ngi.be
    • Affiliation: National Geographic Institute of Belgium
    • Expertise: Data transformation, Web development & integration with spatial data
    • Contributions: Observer status
  10. Norway would like to participate in the sub-group with:

    • Name: Thomas Ellett von Brasch
    • E-mail: Thomas.Ellett@kartverket.no
    • Affiliation: Norwegian Mapping Authority
    • Expertise: INSPIRE network service implementation, practical experience in flattening of UML models for production and distribution of RDF.
    • Contributions: Observer status. Can also, time permitting, review draft material and disseminate information from relevant national work