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This is a call for participation in the control body for the central INSPIRE registers and INSPIRE register federation. The terms of reference for the control body have been endorsed by the MIG in its meeting on 30/11-1/12 and are published at

The control body should be a small group of technical experts appointed by the register owner to decide on the acceptability of proposals for changes to the content of a register. To keep the burden for the control body to a minimum, it is proposed to only consult it on major issues. Minor issues (such as correction of minor bugs) will be implemented directly the register manager (JRC). Since all changes are publicly documented, they are under public scrutiny. If a submitting organisation or member of the control body objects to a change made by the register manager, the issue shall be discussed and resolved in the next meeting of the control body. The control body may also “escalate” issues to the MIG that may have far-reaching consequences for INSPIRE implementation in the Member States.

Nominations by MIG representatives and applications from the pool of experts should be posted as comments to this issue, specifying the following information:

Expertise: [what qualifies the expert for participation in the control body]

Experts who would like to participate in the control body should send an send an e-mail to Michael Lutz with the above information and/or contact their national MIG-T or MIG representatives.

This call is open-ended.

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