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Quick steps

Detailed steps


Open the European Solidarity Corps Forms and click on "Apply".

From the Home screen, Open Calls tab, the current open calls for European Solidarity Corps will be displayed.

Click the Apply button for the call you want to apply for.


Welcome message.

The start screen opens. A welcome pop-up message appears inviting you to have a look a the Guidelines or to start completing your form by going to the Context section. It is highly recommended that you read the Guidelines.


Form Layout.

  1. The current selected screen is displayed in the main window. In this example the Guidelines screen is displayed. It is highly recommended to read the content carefully before you begin to complete your form.
  2. Information on the call is displayed. This information is displayed in this location on all screens.
  3. The side menu allows to navigate to the various sections in the form. The current selected section is highlighted in yellow. A warning icon next to the title of the section indicates that there is missing information. A green check mark will appear when all mandatory information in  the section is completed.
  4. The form is saved automatically and the last time of save is indicated at the bottom left of the screen. Just below this is the button to export the application form to a PDF file. The Submit button will only appear once all sections are indicated as completed.

You can now start entering all details of your application.