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What is the topic about?

Organisations wishing to participate in European Solidarity Corps activities are required to have the European Solidarity Corp Quality Label (ESC52)

In addition, organisations need an Organisation ID to apply for the specific European Solidarity Corps activities. Groups of young people wishing to implement solidarity projects also need to register in the Organisation Registration system and obtain a single Organisation ID.

Exceptionally, organisations wishing to participate in key action ESC14 - Volunteering Teams in high priority areas for Call 2019 will continue to use a PIC instead of the Organisation ID, which can be obtained from the SEDIA Funding & Tenders Portal.

Depending on the application or request form being completed, organisations of different roles to the project may be added.

In general for all roles,

  • The organisation details are added via the Organisation ID.
  • Associated persons (Legal representatives, contact persons) to the organisation must be added.
  • Additional organisations may be added, depending on the application.
  • These organisations may then be used in other sections of the application form to indicate their involvement in the project.

How to complete participating organisation(s) details

Click on the links below to see how to complete the organisation(s) details. If unsure which pages are applicable for the application you are completing, please return to the index page.