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ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual

In this part of the application, you will be required to encode information about the main activities of the project, including the amount you are requesting from the EU grant.

This page here explains how to do this for ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual applications. 

Take note

Questions or fields may vary depending on the action of your application. Please read the on-screen information carefully to complete the relevant fields and sections.

Quick steps

Detailed steps


Click the "Activities" tab in the side menu.

To add activities to your application, click the Activities tab in the left side menu and the activities main screen opens.

Here you find three sections: Activities, Summary of Activities and Participants and Summary of linguistic support.


"Add Activity" under the "Activities".

To fill in the details for an activity, click on the Menu button and select Activity Details to proceed. Alternatively you can click the dotted line in column Activity Title or the Activity type.


Fill in the "Activity Details".

The Activity Details screen opens. You will notice as each activity is encoded it is automatically numbered. In this case, as it is the first activity added, it is numbered Activity ID - A1.

Fill in the fields:

  1. Activity Title
  2. Activity Type
  3. Activity Description
  4. Country of destination
  5. Number of Participants
  6. Participants with fewer opportunities
  7. Duration

Note: Based on the Activity Type chosen, messages in red may be displayed providing information on the conditions that need to be met for this type of activity.

Once all information is filled in the Activities are marked with a green check in the breadcrumb and in the side menu.


Add the "Linguistic Support" information if necessary.

This section appears only when the Individual Volunteering option is selected as the Activity Type.

See details: Web Forms Linguistic Support


Summary of Activities and Participants/Summary of linguistic support.

The Summary of Activities and Participants lists all the activities and the participant numbers involved in those activities.

The Summary of linguistic support summarises the different linguistic supports and the number of participants concerned.


Add additional activities.

You can add additional activities from here by clicking the ADD ACTIVITY button and providing all information as with activity A4 in the example below. Click Activity Details to open the new Activity.


Edit or Delete an Activity.

Should you need to make changes or remove an activity that is already completed, you can do this via the menu button next to the specific activity on the Activities screen.

Select Activity Details to adjust the information or Delete Activity to remove it completely. Selecting Activity Details will open the screen with all details for that activity.


Navigate back to the list of "Activities".

Once you have recorded all information for your first Activity, navigate back to the list of Activities, using the top menu.


Proceed with the next section.

Once all activities and the respective flows are added, proceed with the next section of your application.

If at least one activity is added completely, the Activities tab in the left hand side menu will be marked with a green check.