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Call YearAction Type


ESC11 - Volunteering projects

ESC12 - Volunteering Partnerships

ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual

ESC21 - Traineeship and Job

Activities play a definitive part of any project within the European Solidarity Corps. Activities are  specific to Actions activity type can vary from individual volunteering, volunteering teams to traineeships etc.

Participating organisations are those organisations, institutions, bodies involved in such activities supported by the European Solidarity Corps . Participants are those individuals involved in European Solidarity Corps activities.

Activity Process Explained


In the application form, you will complete the details of the planned project.

Depending on the type of the project (Action), the activities to encode may vary.

For each Action, the activity types are predefined and your organisation's planned activities must be completed within the constraints of the selected activities.


For example, you may wish to send a team of volunteers from Poland to Ireland.

In this case, in the application form, the activity type Volunteering Teams should be selected and then the number of participants from Poland outlined in the first flow.

Then you can add a second flow to the same activity type, but this time for a group of people from France going to Ireland.

Each group of participants coming from a particular country and going to a particular country will be indicated as an activity flow.

The flows may also differ due to period of time, different group of people, etc. (e.g. despite having the same country or region and destination, you might need to encode separately a participant because the duration of his activity is different).


The activity flow may include:

  • Country of origin
  • Country of destination
  • Start and End dates
  • Participant numbers and accompanying persons (if needed)
  • Special Needs and Exceptional Costs (if applicable)


You may add additional activities (same or different type) or add additional flows for the same activity already entered, with different details (different countries, different dates etc.)

How to do this in the tools