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The following pages describe the use of the Web Application Forms (application) for the Quality Label and the European Solidarity Corps Actions managed by the National Agencies, available under https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/web-esc


If you are a new user, you must create an EU Login account before accessing the Web Application Forms. Detailed information on the EU Login are available under EU Login - European Commission Authentication Service. 

Technical requirements and settings needed to use the WEB application form

Web Application Forms are built on the latest standards of the web platform. The forms support all of modern browsers. The forms have been successfully tested on following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge 41
  • Firefox 52.9.0
  • Chrome 76

Please note that Internet Explorer is no longer supported as it is frozen by Microsoft since 2015.

The Web Application Forms are online applications and therefore need a fast, constant internet connection to function. It is not possible to work offline with the forms.

Printer and scanner devices are needed to complete the submission of the Web Application Form. Additionally, PDF reader software is required (most preferably Adobe Reader) to print, sign and scan the Declaration of Honour. 


When filling in the required information in the Web Application Form do not use multiple tabs or open several browser windows for your application. This causes problems with the auto save functionality of the form and results in lost data in your application.

How to do this in the tools

Select your European Solidarity Corps Web Application Form