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[[DSA]] may stand for  
[[DSA]] may stand for  
* '''D'''igital '''S'''ervices '''A'''ct
* '''D'''igital '''S'''ervices '''A'''ct <ref>[[EC]], Policy, [https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/digital-services-act-package Shaping Europe’s digital future]</ref>
* '''D'''ebt '''S'''ustainability '''A'''nalysis
* '''D'''ebt '''S'''ustainability '''A'''nalysis

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DSA may stand for

  • Digital Services Act [1]
  • Debt Sustainability Analysis

Typically, the analysis relies on public debt projections run under a set of macroeconomic assumptions (on actual and potential growth, interest rates and the government's primary balance) over a certain projection horizon.[2]

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  2. Katia Berti, European Commission, Stochastic public debt projections using the historical variance-covariance matrix approach for EU countries, Economic Papers. 480. April 2013, p.2
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