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* [http://europa.eu/!kK98KF Commission UK Staff]
* [http://europa.eu/!kK98KF Commission UK Staff]
* [http://www.fairdealforexpats.com Fair Deal for Expats]
* [http://www.fairdealforexpats.com Fair Deal for Expats]
* legislation.co.uk, [http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1972/68/contents European Communities Act 1972], last retrieved on 27 January 2017.
[[Category:United Kingdom]]
[[Category:United Kingdom]]

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Brexit, a portmanteau for British exit or Britain's exit, a United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union[1].

Term coined since 2012.

Often seen as

  • Clean Brexit
  • Hard Brexit
  • Brexit means Brexit [2]

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  2. Telegraph.co.uk, Theresa May to side with Eurosceptics in major Brexit speech revealing what she wants from negotiations, by Ben Riley-Smith, published on 14 January 2017.
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