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The EU institutions should remain authoritative source and may give to the people a platform to collect information "[...] il s'agit alors non seulement de rassembler les connaissances mais de les placer dans ordre cohérant et intelligible [...]".

Using a wiki (like Wikipedia) you have always the RESULT of the debate; do not need to bother reading all comments in order to get information hidden somewhere there.

At the same time it enables other editor to contribute the translation of the information found to other languages. And at least but not last, we can use the categorisation of the content which give the possibility to organise the contend with the "mind-map" like way (taxonomical matrix for the intimates).

This is something that you never ever could be obtained with blogging, chatting etc ... where you get just flow of info, which is nearly impossible to translate ... then you break the exchange into disparate flows by language ....

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