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the localization of this wiki.

The Wikipedia model

Wikipedia has one different wiki per language, as subdomain of Wikis are independant but interwiki links are maintained either manually or automatically by bots.

The Prefix model

The prefix model uses the iso language code as prefix to a translated page, e.g. FR:GDP. uses this model. See for example See also how they present the wiki translation.


  • Localised pages keep the same English pagename
  • All French pages are tagged with Category:Fr:Documentation.
  • All French pages might be listed with the special page All pages with prefix FR:


Advantage of using unique English basenames:

  • you can create links to any language version without knowing that language.[1]
  • you can generate links to any language version with templates


  • Spontaneous non-English pages might appear as orphans from any EN base page


Question: is there a magic word for the prefix?

The SubPage model

The subpage model uses the iso language code as the subpage of the English main page, e.g. GDP/FR or GDP/fr. uses this model. See for example which further redirects to a page whose pagename is in French.

There is a magic word {{SUBPAGENAME}}that would give the page subname i.e. the page language. It might be used for creating localised external URLs.

To be continued


  1. A technique I used with the Wikidot Handbook
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