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The Yearly Dashboard is a collection of indicators otherwise found in a number of different generic reports in Europa Analytics.

Monthly aggregation is used for indicators on visits in the Yearly Dashboard, whereas the Quarterly Dashboard uses daily aggregation.

The graphs for number of visits and number of unique visitors may be used as some of the indicators used to estimate website popularity.

As the name suggests, the Yearly Dashboard is a report that includes indicators for a 12 month period: the period ending on the last calendar day of the chosen month and starting the first calendar day of the month 12 months previously.

What is a visit?

A visit is defined as a series of page requests from the same uniquely identified client. In the Yearly Dashboard, visits are based on site calculations. This is a different approach than the subsite calculations used in the pages report.

What is a unique visitor?

A Unique Visitor is the uniquely identified client viewing pages within a defined time period (in this case a month). A Unique Visitor counts once within the time scale. A visitor can make multiple visits. Identification is made to the visitor's computer, not the person. This is usually done via cookie and/or IP + User Agent. The same person visiting from two different computers will therefore count as two Unique Visitors.

Edit text in the report

Europa Analytics allows the user to edit the text displayed in the report.

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