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Directorate-General Acronyms

Category:Acronyms EC DGs/ Acronymes DGs

EC Finance Acronyms

Category:Acronyms EC Finance / Category:Acronymes de Finance CE (fr)

EU Acronyms

Acronyms EU / Acronymes UE

Economics Acronyms

Acronyms Economics / Acronymes économie

Energy Acronyms

Acronyms Energy / Acronymes énergie

Finance Acronyms

Acronyms Finance / Acronymes finances

IT Acronyms

Acronyms IT

Media Acronyms

Acronyms Media / Acronymes médias

Obsolete Acronyms

Acronyms Obsolete / Acronymes obsolètes

Obsolete Directorate-General Acronyms

Acronyms DGs Obsolete / Acronymes DGs obsolètes

Social Media Acronyms

Transport Acronyms

Unknown Acronyms

Web Acronyms

Web Design Acronyms


Problems with GA


  • Artificial Life Forms Evolve Basic Memory, Strategy - after a few hundred generations, the robots learn to defend, pass, and score — amazing considering that there was no trainer in the system; the self-organizing differentiated behaviour of the players emerged solely out of the evolutionary process.

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