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Urchin Traffic Monitor (or UTM) is handy way to track (on-line) marketing effort

It is a set of text tags allowing to track and analyze traffic sources in analytical tools.

By adding UTM parameters to URLs, you can identify the source and campaigns that send traffic to your website. When a user clicks a referral link / ad or banner, these parameters are sent to a web analytical tool, so you can see the effectiveness of each campaign in your reports.

UTM Structure

The basic structure is a standard URL followed by a question mark and the UTM variables.

Each UTM variable provides a unique trait of the source traffic.

  1. UTM_Source = A UTM Source tag names the site that is driving the traffic, e.g, Facebook
  2. UTM_Medium = A UTM Medium tag names the type of traffic, e.g., CPC
  3. UTM_Campaign = A UTM Campaign tag names the specific campaign that this traffic is a part of, e.g. Holiday Campaign
  4. UTM_Content = A UTM Content tag gives you a sense of what was in the add or post that led to the click-through e.g., gifts-for-moms
  5. UTM_Term = A UTM Term tag is used for search campaigns and tells you what keywords were used.

You do not need to use every UTM variable, just the ones that will help you differentiate your traffic streams.

For Example: http://www.viralstyle.com/public_name/campaign?UTM_Source=Facebook&UTM_Medium=CPC (A paid ad on Facebook)

Proposed Values

Naming convention
Full name, all lower cases, no space (space is replace with dash if really really needed)


Source would be actually a concrete application - Face-book, Twitter, Linked-in, DSM (website), Horizon2020 (website) ... kind of a referrer

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • linkedin
  • reddit
  • dae
  • newsletter
  • poster



Medium would be a category of source

  • social (for social network like FB, Twtr, Lnkd ...)
  • web (for website ...)
  • email
  • rss
  • qr (for qr code)



Gives a sense of what was in the add or post that led to the click-through

  • short-name of the newsletter
  • event (codeweek)
  • ...


  • Newsletter issue
  • event date


well ... good question - what is the campaign ... ?

  • Political Priority
  • Policy

Examples for Newsroom

broadband-europe < short name of the newsletter >
event < category >
broadband-europe < Policy / Political Priority - so a Newsroom topic >

Examples for Events

codeweek < name of the event >
2015-october < date of event >
digiskills < Policy / Political Priority >

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