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Europa Analytics 2.0

(Europa Analytics 2.0 is powered by SAS BI WA)

Build the report


Yearly Dashboard Report
  1. select the report
  2. go to the 'Edit' tab
  3. (optionally delete all elements)
  4. add table and/or graph (drag and drop)
  5. assign data (right click)
    • Date (always monthly aggregation)
    • Unique Visitors (graph)

You have a choice to run over

  1. entire Webmart
  2. only section (optional)
  3. specific URL (fragment) and also excluding some URL(s)

The results are always for the entire months over a period of 12 months backward including the selected month.

Should you want to have unique visitors per day, use the Quarterly Dashboard Reports (the same way). The difference is the aggregation per day for the period of 3 month backward including the selected month.

Key Figures Report (previously called 'Site Metrics')
  1. select the report
  2. go to the 'Edit' tab
  3. assign data (right click)
    • Date
    • Unique Visitors

This report can only be used for an entire webmart; it is not possible to select a section or to use a URL as parameter. You have possibility to select:

  1. aggregation (labelled as "Interval")
    • per day
    • per month
    • per year

Period (Starting and Ending Dates: pay attention to select the period for which there is data in the system)

More information can be found on the practical users' guide document.

Europa Analytics 3.0

Powered with Piwik

  1. login to https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/piwik/
  2. select the (Piwik) website
  3. select the period (day, week, month, year, or date range)

For whole website

Number of unique visitors is displayed in the Dashboard - Visits Over-Time Widget

For group of pages

For a specific page or group of pages - there is a possibility to create a segment defined by list of urls or page titles in question (or other parameters)

be cautious with creating segment - they consume a lot of resources

For a single page

  1. go to Action
  2. Pages
  3. Search for url
  4. export into excel
  5. check there the column "Unique Visitors"

Other option is use Page Title

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