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The Template:Celex creates a link to a bibliographic notice of a CELEX document on Eur-Lex document notice based on the Celex number. First digit is the Celex "sector", followed by the year, a descriptor and the document number.


{{Celex|celexnumber}} or {{Celex|celexnumber|XY}}, where XY is the ISO language code (default is EN)

{{Celex|32011R1176}} links to Regulation (EU) No 1176/2011 of the ...
{{Celex|32011L0069}} links to Commission Directive 2011/69/EU of ...
{{Celex|12008M002}} links to Art. 2 of the consolidated version of the Treaty on European Union
{{Celex|12008E150}} links to Art. 150 of the consolidated version of the TFEU
{{Celex|12008E/PRO/37}} links to Protocol n° 37 of the TFEU
{{Celex|52011DC0011}} links to Commission Communication n° COM/2011/0011 final
{{Celex|52011PC0453}} links to the Commission proposal for Directive


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