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  1. data availability (ETL)
  2. data security (bckp)
  3. data accuracy (correct config - sys+webmarts)
  4. data dissemination (sys.performance - speed + rep.generation)
  5. data accessibility (accounts + Kiosk)
  6. data interpretation (advices - reports)
  7. asses-ability of the websites (advices on assessable webdesign - namely dynamic sits, flash ...)
  8. evolution - sys, metrics, ...


Why don't you set up a simple statistic report such as the one made by Google Analytis
I have not much to contribute to the discussion.
Only a feedback : when I tried to use Europa statistics from scratch, I just couldn't  : it is so complex that it becomes completely useless. Why don't you set up a simple statistic report such as the one made by Google Analytis?

<a href="GA">GA</a> like reports are the Dashboard reports.
Should you want to need something else, let's talk about - or you can create such report by your own either we could help you with.
DG COMM suggest strongly the enroll for training: details on the <a href="IPG">IPG</a> - User Feedback and following.
Should be known that <a href="Forum%20Europa">Forum Europa</a> requested powerful and flexible tool to detailed analysis - this brings inevitable the complexity of the tool and the interface.

further development of Europa Analytics

Please have a look at <a href="Europa%20Analytics%20Metrics">Europa_Analytics_Metrics</a> - as this is going to be the main point of view for next evolution of the methodology to analyse the web site on <a href="EUROPA">EUROPA</a> as well as for defining the <a href="KPI">KPIs</a> and metrics in general. So far we are based to <a href="IFABC%20metrics">IFABC metrics</a> (Page views, Visits, Bounce ...) which are not appropriate to the public authority website by their definition.

--<a href="User%3ASnajdal">Snajdal</a> 09:25, 23 November 2010 (UTC)

Why -as a webmaster- is important that I check the configuration file?

Only webmasters know their sites (to be continued)

Looks quite outdated

Is this still maintained? A good part of this page should be removed, shouldn't it?--Lietapa

What about to update it? --Snajdal


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