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SysPer2 is the information system aiming at integrating all human resource management functions in the Commission (from French, Système de gestion du Personnel, version 2).

The system also enables external access via web app or mobile app (COTG)


It manages information on

  • job descriptions,
  • vacancies,
  • objectives,
  • promotions,
  • career development reports, and
  • the Commission’s organisation chart (including job quotas per unit)
  • TIM (Presence)
New modules are foreseen in the near future to complete the functional coverage.
  • eCV (for all Commission staff),
  • the attestation and certification procedures and career and
  • mobility management


validation of timesheets

Staff can amend or add forgotten/missing working hours when checking their own timesheet at beginning of the next month, just before they send it for validation to their line manager.

This is intended to alleviate the work load of GECOs and HoUs secretaries.

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