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Social media is "a group of Internet-based applications allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." [1]

The Social Media (or New Media) is putting the "old media" under pressure. The Press room in Brussels is no longer the "gate keeper" of the EU News, and the Commission's outreach in Members States and locally is a necessary adaptation to this situation. The social media also create additional opportunities for information and debate. Increasingly they are influencing news in the traditional media (written press, TV and Radio) (pg. 4, Communicating Europe, DG COMM January 2010)

Creating buzz and getting people involved in the wave for an event

Before, during and after

  • Prior - Create a Twitter hash tag, Facebook event page, and talk about the event in both places.
  • During - Tweet during the event using the hash tag at the end of the tweet, and encourage others to do the same.

Tweet at people you know are attending - mention they are attending, ask what they are looking forward to (+ use the same hash key). Also promote speakers at the event via Twitter and Facebook.

Typology of the Social Media

A Social Medium is a mean where the content is generated by end-user (often then referred as a community

  1. BBS
  2. email - best format, practices, ...
  3. forum
  4. chat
  5. Wiki
  6. Blog
  7. Social Network


Risks of Social Networks

Inherent in social networks are certain risks. They are based on the cornerstones of social engineering, involving friends who we (usually) trust more then strangers. (Although it is not always the rule among significant part of the population.) [2] [3]

Dos and Donts


  1. Post only useful and interesting information and even so not too often - Too many useless posts is the main reason for Facebook Unfriending main reason for Facebook Unfriending


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