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Site Owner (or SO) is a function in the web management and on-line publication.


The (Web)Site Owner (SO) assumes full accountability for the (web) sites on the business side;

  • It is typicall HoU or Director of a DG providing the contentent;
  • The Site Owner (SO) plays the role of Data Controller (it can be delegated to a Business Manager (BM)).


  • Assumes full accountability for this site on the Business Side;
  • Commissions the new (web)site and its accompanying organisational and procedural changes;
  • Provides leadership and business strategic direction for the site;
  • Drives the evolution of the Site;
  • Represents and makes key decisions on behalf of all the potential users;
  • Approves and signs-off the Service Level Agreement on behalf of the Business User Community;
  • Decides on recommended improvement actions and is responsible for the evolutive maintenance and functional acceptance of specific features.
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