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Share It was the first, independent, non-profit, Drupal powered, social network built by the volunteers from European Institutions to share the "insiders" knowledge and experiences with the outside world. Platform used to be freely accessible but requires simple registration. Unfortunately due to insufficient "take off" the platform has been shut down.

"Share It" benefits

  • gives you a possibility to build or expand your expat, trainee or civil servant network;
  • offers you an opportunity to meet interesting people sharing the same experiences or interests;
  • provides you with access to unique source of information from "the field" about the work and life around EU Institutions;
  • allows you to participate in discussions providing the tools for capturing valuable information;
  • keeps you notified about the activities within your groups and about the updates from your discussions;
  • facilitates communication by offering chat and private messaging functionalities;
  • helps you to advertise goods for sale, properties for rent or to find jobs, services and accommodation.

"Share It" functionalities

  • creation of topics, events (with calendar), polls, links
  • creation of private and public groups
  • private messaging system
  • small ads section
  • following friends
  • bookmarking interesting post
  • follow up notifications
  • like / dislike feature
  • taxonomy allowing to tag and search people and pieces of content
  • full text search
  • tags cloud
  • personalisation of the interface (optional views and blocks)
  • invite feature
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