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In Europa Analytics it is possible to create sections within a webmart. A section is defined by one or more URLs. The creation of a section may influence indicators generated for the webmart.

When sections are created within a webmart, these will be visible in the 'subsite' drop down menus in the web interface of Europa Analytics. In addition to the sections specifically defined within the configuration of a webmart, there will be an item in the list which has the same name as the over all webmart. This additional section covers everything that has been defined as being part of the webmart minus the URLs that have been defined as belonging to a particular section.

For the fictional webmart 'ABC' we may e.g. have the following configuration:

EA section ABC webmart configuration.jpg

This means that the webmart 'ABC' covers the URLs, and, and has two sections, '123' and 'DFG'.

A report generated for the entire webmart xxxxxx0000 will include indicators for all URLs included in the configuration at this level of the webmart. However, for some report types it is possible or mandatory to select a section ('subsite' in the webinterface) as well as a webmart ('site' in the web interface). The section drop down menu for the fictional ABC webmart will include the sections '123', 'DFG' and also a section 'ABC'. The 'ABC' section will cover all URLs covered by the overall webmart, minus the URLs covered in the sections '123' and 'DFG'.

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