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The Europa Analytics can generate reports only from the data which has been loaded into the system and processed; like any web analytics system.

It is the duty of the web-master, web-manager, communication officer or other responsible person to ensure the delivery of the data (as well as correct configuration of the webmart or its section containing relevant data.


It's understood that you have already got green light for launching new website or so (you've got new domain name or url, redirection(s))

  1. with the formal agreement from DG COMM about attribution of the domain name, url, redirection ... submit your request to Europa Analytics team for formal agreement to measure the web traffic over (via fmb COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT)
  2. Submit Request to DIGIT
    • Open SMT call (ticket) to S-Net team via your local helpdesk and specify URL(s) to separate; joining the agreement details of DG COMM which you will receive from COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT. In most cases, the S-Net will just confirm that the logs are going to be delivered and also they will confirm the name convention for the logfile names.
  3. Once got details from SNET about the logs delivery, forward them again to Europa Analytics team and specify
    • the name(s) of the file(s)/directory containing the data
    • the date from which it shall be available

This makes sure that data related to the traffic of the website is loaded and processed.

Continue with the request to update relevant webmart
(or to create a new one - if the procedure is not already launched).

Only when all this is done (=system is properly configure) the data is collected and processed; all data - before the new configuration is set up - is lost.

Specific situations

Together with standard situations, when the site is produced with WCMS and hosted by EC Data-Centre, the Europa Analytics can also measure "dynamic" sites and/or sites hosted externally.

Dynamic Sites

The system is configured to measure sites respecting naming convention set by the IPG.

As there is no naming convention for dynamic site, the structure of the url(s) - the parameters - has to be clarified in the request for webmart update so that the system can be configured accordingly.

Sites hosted externally

The sites not hosted by DIGIT's EC Data-Centre could by measured under condition to deliver the logs in the BlueCoat format (other formats might be possible but not guaranteed).

The delivery of the logs has to be set bilaterally with S-Net team. This situation is treated case by case as exception depending to the technical constrains and availability of resources.

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