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De thinktank

While anybody can read the content without restrictions, for other use, you have to create account.

Rights and Roles

Anybody can read the content without restrictions.
Pending Users
Self-registered users get possibility to follow articles via watchlist and modify the behaviours of the ThinkTank in preferences
Approved registered users get rights to modify and create articles.


At 1st you have to create account to complete registration you have to provide your ECAS credentials.

Note that even non EC staff can register with ECAS > select create new account > select appropriate EU institution or "external" (for non EU personnel) and follow the instructions.

Registering and becoming Pending User

Immediately after (self)registration you are attributed role of "Pending User". Since then you can start using features like following changes on articles ("watch"), change the look'n'feel, language of the interface and many other settings.

Editor Role Request

Creating an account is also understood as a request for "edit" rights. Approval (manual) of this request may take until 3 working days.


Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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