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MMN stands Mystery Meat Navigation[1]

MMN is a disparaging term to describe a visually attractive but concurrently inefficient, confusing, or abstruse user interface, usually one that is Internet-based.

"The typical form of MMN is represented by menus composed of unrevealing icons that are replaced with explicative text only when the mouse cursor hovers over them" (Web Pages That Suck by designer Vincent Flanders).

Click Here

"Click here" is an other example of MMN.

The W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as well as organisations such as WebAIM recommend against the use of phrases such as "click here" (and equvalent - "Read More" ...) as link (anchor) text.

Such interfaces lack a user-centered design, emphasizing aesthetic appearance, white space, and the concealment of relevant information over basic practicality and functionality.

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