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The Europa Analytics web-interface makes it possible to save reports, after they have been customized, e.g. by changing the chart type.

More information can be also found on the practical users' guide .

How to save a customized report?

  1. Save the customized report (file/save as)
  2. Update the file name – choose a file name that will make it easy to identify the report later
  3. Change the location to 'My Folder'
  4. Update the description (optional)
  5. Click on 'save'

How to re-use an already saved customized report?

  1. Click on 'Search' on the portal page of Europa Analytics
  2. Enter the file name or significant parts of it in the 'Keywords' field
  3. Select 'SAS report'
  4. Click on 'Search'
  5. Click on the name of the relevant report in the result list
  6. If necessary update dates, site, aggregation etc
  7. Generate the report

How to make an already saved customized report available from the home page

  1. Click on 'Home' in the left hand navigation of the portal page of Europa Analytics
  2. Click on the 'Edit content' icon in the 'My collection' box on the home page
  3. Click on 'Add Items'
  4. Click on 'Search' to go to the search tab
  5. Enter the file name or significant parts of it in the 'Keywords' field
  6. Select 'SAS report'
  7. Click on 'Search'
  8. Select the relevant report(s) in the tick box of the result list
  9. Click on 'Add'
  10. Click on 'Done'
  11. Click on 'OK'
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