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ROI may stand for
  • Return On Investment or (Rate Of Return -ROR, rate of profit or sometimes just return). ROI is usually expressed as a percentage.[1]
  • Return on Information[2]

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Other denominations for ROI are:

Region of Interest; Republic Of Ireland; Release of Information (hospitals/patients); Rate of Interest; Règlement d'Ordre Intérieur (French: Internal Policy and Procedures; Belgium); RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) Over Internet; Report Of Investigation; Reactive Oxygen Intermediate; Registration of Interest; Royal Institute of Oil Painters (UK); Radius Of Influence; RAM Optical Instrumentation; Rules of Interaction (gaming); Rock of Israel; Risk of Incarceration; Record of Invention; Return on Integrity (finance); Realm of Influence (band); Report On Investigation; Rural Ontario Institute (Canada); Remote Operator Interface; Realm of Insanity (gaming clan); Read Only Information; Replacement of Obsolete Items; Rovaniemi, Finland - Rovaniemi (Airport Code); Radiological Operating Instructions; Range Operating Instruction; Route of Ingress; Rhythm Optimized Integration; Residue of Ignition; Report on Industry; Ring of Illusion (gaming tournament);

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