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Piwik [1] - Free and Open Source Software web analytics tool

Piwik reports


movers and shakers

What's increased and decreased [2]

To make visible what changed since the day (week, month ...) before.

  • pages significantly increased/decreased?
  • URLs links/SE keywords brought me significantly more/less traffic compared to last period?

Question to asked with this report would be "Why did the website traffic suddenly decrease?" Similar with answering “Why did traffic suddenly increase?”

Report contains now: Overall Movers and Shakers This report would have to query in particular: page URL, page Titles, Keywords, websites, campaigns, maybe 8 reports, for current AND previous periods.

existing entry growth up by more than 109.5% or shrinks by -109.5% (visits)
a new entry increased by more than 5% or disappearing entry that shrank by more than 5%


Pages viewed, files downloaded


Listing content with (unique) page views, visits, unique visitor ... It also list error - 403 and 404 - where the Page is a synonym for url

Page Titles

Listing content with page views, visits ... It also list error - 403 and 404



Keyword not Defined - Becasue Google blocks the transmission of the information by interlacing a redirection page between user search query page and result page. This wipe out the search results.

History in the European Commission

After years of local test, DGs CNECT and ENTR (GROW) has ran a proof of concept (POC) during the Autumn 2015. After this experience the DG CNECT has approached DIGIT in February 2015 to run a test during 10.02.2015 - 31.03.2015.

Since April 2015 CNECT-DIGIT are in touch with Piwik Pro (Piwik Pro offers additional - paid - services)

As from September 2015 POC has turned into CNECT-DIGIT Pilot getting on board more and more DGs.

Turning the Pilot into to Corporate Production is under consideration as from Spring 2016.

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