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 A generic report that can be used to generate a report for the most popular pages.

The different types of information available in the Pages report are linked in an information map.

Pages (New Version) Report

Since November 2013 the new Pages Report has been added to the Template Reports.

The following parameters have been added:

  • Client error visits: counts the visits having 'page not found' (status code group 400)
  • Server error visits: counts the visits having 'server not responding' (status code group 500)
  • Redirections: counts the redirected visits (status code group 300)
  • Prospective bounces: page views excluding 'not modified' (status code 304)

Bounce Rate calculation

Bounce Rate: sum of bounces / sum of prospective bounces * 100%

Visits calculation

The pages report is based on subsite calculations.

This means that each time a visitor is going from one subsite to another it is counted as a visit. The subsites are in fact considered as seperate sites.

If a visitor e.g. accesses a website that is included in webmart A, and the user moves around between pages that all are included in the same section, then this is counted as one visit.

However if the user starts in section 1 of the webmart and then moves to section 2 within the same webmart, this is counted as two visits, even though all pages viewed are part of the same webmart.

This interpretation of a visit is different from that of e.g. the Quarterly Dashboard or the Yearly Dashboard which are based on site visits, not subsite visits.

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