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Newsroom (or NR) is a news system developed and maintained by the DG Connect (ex INFSO).

It's developed and managed by CNECT.D4 - Communication Unit with support of CNECT.R3 - IT unit.

It is also used by other DGs (e.g. GROW, MARE, DIGIT) and Cabinets (e.g. NK) for quick publishing on the Europa websites - possible integration with Front Page (originally developed for) or CWCMS or FPFIS-CMS.

It powers (and eases) publication of new on the DSM website and allows sharing of the NR items over other sites.

Personal Data Protection
DPO-190.5 Newsroom on Digital Single Market web site


Youtube Video: Quick intro to corporate Newsroom - way to easy push the information and create newsletters


NR is a web application developed on Coldfusion and Oracle (porting to PHP resp. Drupal is under consideration) .


DG Connect started a collaboration with DG GROW in order to evaluate the feasibility to merge the 2 Newsroom systems, that share multiple features but followed different development paths in the last years, and establish a solid foundation for defining a corporate system.

Also it is under consideration implementation of the Docsroom as a file storage.

Since 2012
ongoing work to hand over the system to DIGIT and so to make it a "corporate" tool.
This includes the redesign of back office web GUI.


  • Ares(2013)3332340 : Note for the file, CNECT and ENTR about NewsRoom corporate solution
  • NR wiki
    • [ newsroom rights]
    • [ Newsroom Basic User Guide]

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