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The error message 'missing report element' in Europa Analytics occurs when for some reason one or more elements of a report are not generated and displayed in the user interface.

This can happen if there is a temporary problem with the user's internet connection, or if there is a time-out during the generation of the report.

It can also happen during the extract, transfer and load procedure where data for the webmarts is updated with the latest figures.
During this process the webmarts are temporarily 'frozen' and do not appear in the drop down lists of available webmarts in Europa Analytics. If a user attempts to generate an already saved report during the ETL this may also result in a 'missing report element' error message.

Another reason can be using the wrong type of dash in the Specify URL box. Please make sure that you use the short dash and not the long one as in an example below:

URL 1: %dash-short% (ok)
URL 2: %dash−long% (not ok)
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