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MSS stands for Mobile Satellite Services

MSS allow communications between satellites and mobile terrestrial equipment. Their use can range from high-speed internet access to mobile television and radio and emergency communications. Share this

Mobile satellite services can cover a large part of the EU's territory, thereby reaching millions of EU citizens across borders. They can ensure access to new communication services, not only in metropolitan areas, but also rural and less populated regions.

Decision 2007/98/EC harmonises the conditions for the availability and efficient use of the frequency bands 1980 to 2010 MHz (earth-to-space) and 2170 to 2200 MHz (space-to-earth) for systems providing mobile satellite services in the European Union. According to this Decision, Member States were to make available as from 1 July 2007 the frequency bands 1980 to 2010 MHz and 2170 to 2200 MHz for systems providing mobile satellite services.

A Decision on the selection and authorisation of MSS systems was adopted at EU level to facilitate the development of a competitive internal market for mobile satellite services (MSS) across the Union and to ensure gradual coverage in all Member States. An EU procedure for the common selection of operators of MSS to use the 2 GHz frequency band was set up, leading to the selection of two operators, Solaris Mobile Limited and Inmarsat Ventures Limited.

While the Member States shall ensure that the two selected operators have the right to use the 2 GHz band, the selected operators shall, among other common conditions, provide continuous commercial MSS within 24 months of the selection Decision.

Moreover a Decision on MSS enforcement lays down modalities for the coordinated application of Member States' rules on enforcement applicable to an authorised operator of mobile satellite systems in the event of an alleged breach of the common conditions attached to its authorisation.

A Study on MSS Authorisation Regimes and Authorisations in the EU Member States depicts the state of play regarding authorisations as of January 2012.


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