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Local Informatics Security Officer (or LISO) has as role:

  • To analyse, in cooperation with the local security officer (LSO), the security requirements of the DG's information systems and adapt the policy on the security of information systems to the specific needs of the DG.
  • To ensure that specific security plans are drawn up and monitor their application.
  • To ensure that an inventory is kept and updated of all the information systems for which the DG is responsible, with an evaluation of threats and of the preventive and corrective measures required.
  • To ensure that IT service providers and project leaders put in place, in information infrastructures or systems, the security mechanisms required under security plans.
  • To ensure that the general rules on the security of information systems and the rules specific to the DG are properly applied and that operational procedures such as users management, procedures for use and for making back-ups, management, monitoring and the use of logs are implemented.
  • To disseminate the policy on the security of information systems and the rules adopted to implement that policy throughout the DG by proposing awareness-raising programmes and specific training measures.
  • To advise their superiors, IT service providers and project leaders on security matters.
  • To assume the responsibility for communication with the Security Directorate as regards the security of information systems.
  • To co-operate with the Data Protection Coordinator (DPC) defined in document SEC(2002)1043.
  • To act as the privileged counterpart of the Security Directorate with regard to information systems security and participate in meetings organised by them.

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