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Visitor reports can be retrieved for the entire webmart or for a specific section (except for the Spiders File Hits report returning values for the whole EUROPA only).

The Language report shows the languages in which the site is most visited.  This obviously depends on the site architecture. This report can also be retrieved for a specific url.

The language of the page is retrieved from url based on language key .

Specific Cases

Empty Language ('unknown')
Counted when language key is missing. Typically when not entered the file name (example or when not included in the file name (example a splash page or a pdf fil with missing language extension).
It could also be caused by an erroneous conception of the url - typically for dynamic site if language variable is included as hidden parameter and so does not make part of the url and so it is not logged.
Wrong number of languages
The flexible redirection can distort significantly the analysis as it returns status code 201. So even "not existing" page is counted.

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