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Information Resource Manager ( or IRM) is a horizontal function in the DG.

  • IRMs are responsible for the management of ICT resources in each DG.
  • They are the principal point of contact for ICT matters in their DG.
  • The IRM and her/his team are responsible for the provision of both the hardware and the software that users need for their daily work.
There are two types of IRM
The IRM-Infra is responsible for the ICT infrastructure in his or her DG,
The IRM-IS is responsible for the information systems in his or her DG



  • Acts as an IT service provider for his/her DG as regards local resources
  • Manages the provision of IT resources in their DG
  • Provides optimal support for the information systems of his/her DG
  • Provides optimal support for the IT infrastructure of his/her DG

Further information

  • DIGIT / DS policy introduced in 2011 empowered the local IRM's to help their own staff resolve any difficulties (e.g. arising from the blocking of certain websites) [1]
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