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"Flexible" Redirection is an FPfIS feature enabling 'smart' url management namely for 4xx and 3xx error pages.

Flexible redirections are managed indivudually at the root level of each EUROPA website by creating specific "_redirect.cfg" files desribing specific rules that applie inside the website in question.

HTTP Status Code generated

  • 301: when a code -9 is used in the _redirect.cfg (Immediate redirection)
  • 404: when another code is used in _redirect.cfg or the target is not found
  • 500: In case of an internal error
  • 200: In debug mode (for DIGIT only)

It is foreseen to modify the http returned code in case the linguistic redirection is used (code -999 in _redirect.cfg) with a code of the 3xx serie.

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