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How to find a contact to a responsible service or person of an Europa website when you know the url of the website.

  1. check the IPG - via Kiosk or Inventory; in case of no succes
  2. check with you DG Webmaster; in case of no succes

Seek via Kiosk

The Kiosk is an simplified interface to access predefined EA reports.

  1. get to the Kiosk (IPG > Maintain > User Feedback > Web Analytics > Standard Report (Kiosk))
  2. enter the url of the website at the "Search" field at the bottom
As result
you'll get name of the site > click the name and at the bottom 'Short Description' you'll find contact/responsible person.

Seek via Inventory

The EUROPA Inventory collecting all on-line projects on EUROPA.

  1. Get to the Inventory
  2. Enter the URL (best match) into the 'Search box'
  3. Select in result the best match (should have just 1)
In result
see at the simple report the section Organisation Entity
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