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FTPStore is service/tools for sharing very large files with 3rd parties [1]

A DIGIT service based on the FTP protocol is heavily used already since some years but still not known by all.


Detailed documentation (IntraComm) gives more insights.

"free publisher" account
means you provide one (and the same) account to all the people who need access to the files. You have no granularity with regard to removing access. They either all have access or none of them have access.
"paid publisher" account
means you provide each person with their individual account. You can then remove access on an individual basis.
"blind put" account
allows several clients to upload files to a specific location using a shared account without being able to list the files in that location or to download them (ie they can't see each others files). It's an easy way to give multiple clients the possibility to upload documents without too much administrative overhead.

Other tools

For the similar purpose could also be used Circabc

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