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There are several ways to export generated reports from Europa Analytics


The simplest way is to use function "Print" (to PDF). Click the icon "printer" at the main menu and confirm the export to PDF.

See slide 19 from PPT slides from training (exercise 3)

Note: With complex report you may choose between exporting (printing) just 1 part ('page') of the report or the entire report.


Export the entire report

At the right side of the icon "Print" there is an button "Export to MS Excel". By clicking this button, the system shall create a ZIP file containing entire report including images.

  1. save the report
  2. export all files from the zip
  3. open MS Excel sheet

Be careful to unzip all the files while extracting. Should you unzip only the Excel file, the sources (data, images, etc) would be missing and the Excel sheet would remain empty.

See slide 19 from PPT slides from training (exercise 3)

Export only 1 table or data from a graph

Right click at the table or graph. The system shall offer in the menu the option "export data" (of the table or source for the graph). Select the "export to Excel" and an Excel sheet shall be created and filled directly with the requested data.


When exporting just 1 table or a graph, you may also choose to export to MS Word.

Practical users' guide

Further information for exporting reports can be found on the practical users' guide.

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