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Eutube is one of the platform of AV dissemination for the general public that we have put in place since 2007.

It the corporate Social Media video platform the Commission.

Eutube will be (re)promoted in the next future after having update the guidelines for DGs wanting to publish their videos on this channel.

Eutube pretends to be one of the official Youtube channel of the EC (cf also Barroso's channel) and all videos posted on Eutube must be published first on the AV portal for technical, editorial and copyright prior controls.

Eutube is not a video archive of the Commission and is not a content repository. Not every video is suitable for Eutube, but all videos should be stored in the AV Library of the AV service. Youtube is part of the Social Media Environment and should be integrated into our online communication strategy effectively.

Eutube should publish videos at corporate level that are worth sharing via social networks. Youtube, as a Social Network, gives the opportunity to channel traffic to the AV Library or other European Commission sites. It also gives us the opportunity to engage with viewers. The video must have a clear objective, should (hopefully!) be gripping, attractive, unexpected and emotional.

The ideal length of a video on EUTube is 30-60 seconds. The average Youtube viewer has an attention span of about 10 seconds and channel subscribers remain on a video on average 1 minute, 21 seconds. The aims is to make the viewer to want to investigate further by going to Europa websites for further more information.

Another plus when use Eutube the SEO language and the Optimization of the video description, title and tags.



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