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Standard Reporting Environment

The Standard Reporting Environment to retrieve Europa Analytics (EA) reports is the Information Delivery Portail This interface is designed for web analysts and a training is envisaged and strongly suggested before use (please consult Syslog, the training information system, for more information about Europa Analytics' trainings).

The reporting environment is a customized solution developed around the specialized package SAS Web Analytics 5.3.1; the web application hosted in the Data Center.

Selected reports via IPG Simplified interface (kiosk)

Predefined standard reports are at disposal of all EC staff via the so-called 'kiosk'. This is particularly devoted to users with no specifica skills to access the Europa Analytics tool.

Access to reports is public within the EC environment, no login is needed.

Other channels

The EA system also provides the possibility to receive reports via e-mail alerts. This is possible via 'push reports'.

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