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The serial of training related to Europa Analytics, both in the Brussels and Luxembourg

Hands on the Europa Analytics

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  • Course objectives: To give a general overview of the tool, to help understand the philosophy. At the end of the training the users are able to adapt the system and particularly customise the generic reports according their needs.
  • Target group: Europa webmasters and web-managers, and other persons deeply interested to analysing the web-sites.

PPT slides from training.

Understanding the configuration of Europa Analytics

Ad-hoc coaching sessions are organised upon users' requests. Please contact COMM EUROPA MANAGEMENT to organise such sessions. 

Europa Analytics for experts

In depth training (following the Hands-On) to get the most of the platform and to learn to work the information maps, data-sources, etc.

Not yet defined - exact content is to be specified according the needs communicated from the DGs. 

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