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Personal e-Mail Account

Access via webmail

External access to the email account is possible only via webmail service at

Logon using ECAS or a token. When using ECAS authentication you'll need your mobile phone to receive a one-time code (so-called "SMS Challenge").

Enabling mobile phone for webmail

If you don't have a token you have to enable in Sysper2 the usage of your mobile with following steps:

  1. Login to Sysper2
  2. Click on "Change of telecommunication data" (in "JobHolder Management" section)
  3. Click on the "Change my private telecoms" button (in 'Private Address' > Adresses > Personal Data)
  4. At the right to the Mobile Phone number (field) that you wish to use for Webmail identification, toggle the "NO" radio button at "agreement mobile nbr" section (due a little bug in the application)
  5. Click on the "Save" button
  6. Click again on the "Change my private telecoms" button
  7. toggle the "YES" radio button (at the right side of the Mobile Phone number you use for Webmail)

Webmail access will be reactivated on your mailbox the next working day.

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